The Conservatory Awning Range
from Weinor

The sun's rays can heat your conservatory up to as much as 75° C. To help you make the best use of it in sunny weather you need a conservatory awning. The Weinor range offers the most up-to-date technology and a variety of shapes for the most diverse conservatories.

The Window Awnings are beautiful, thank you for your advice and the superb service..... Mr & Mrs Smallwood


Weinor's elegant, vertical sight and sun protection for your patio or your windows is the VertiTex awning.

WGM 2030 Design/2020 Design

Weinor's easy to operate conservatory awnings of modern design and with long-term reliability are called WGM 2030 Design/2020 Design.

WGM 1030

Our elegant sun protection for smaller conservatories are called WGM 1030.

WGM Sottezza/Sottezza Lux

Our awnings which match the Weinor cold roof WeiTop Terazza are called WGM Sottezza.