Topas - The Weinor Open Awning

This model has attractive details such as the gutter incorporated into the front rail or the fabric fixing to provide optimum fabric tension.

  • Max Width 1 section 7 meters
  • 2 sections width 12 meters wide
  • Motor Drive as Standard
  • Crank Operation available
  • Can be used up to wind force 5
The Awning is beautiful and the installation was perfect, carried out by a team who knew exactly what they were doing, thank you... Mr & Mrs John Simms

Excellent value for money

The Weinor Topas awning without a cassette scores high marks for its superb quality at a very good price be it an inexpensive patio awning or the Topas MiniMax for narrow but deep balconies, the Topas is always a good choice.

This model has attractive details such as the gutter incorporated into the front rail or the fabric fixing to provide optimum fabric tension. The Topas is available with or without an aluminium protective canopy for wall, ceiling or rafter mounting, and, as a coupled unit, it can be up to 12 m wide.


The MiniMax represents a Weinor innovation. A clever arrangement of the arms means it is now possible to make awnings with projection or depth significantly greater than the awning's width.

Topas Minimax Awning, depth greater than width

To achieve this the folding arms have to cross partially when opening and retracting. This is particularly useful for deep and narrow patios/balconies.

47 frame colours / 8 trend colours

It's your choice! You can choose your favourite frame colour from a total of 47 at no extra cost! Or, you can choose one of the 8 especially high quality and scratch resistant trend colours for only a small additional charge.

Your Weinor product can match the colours of your house, patio and garden.

Exclusive fabric collection

The high quality Weinor fabrics of the Moments collection are from the famous Italian fabric manufacturer Para. They are made of particularly weather and colour resistant acrylic material.

The 140 different fabric patterns range from the classically elegant to the trendy modern. In addition we offer fabric collections from other manufacturers e.g. SOLTIS from Ferrari.


Valances are either included with Weinor awnings as standard, or, on some models, they can be ordered as optional extras. Optically they round the awning off in a classically attractive way as well as providing additional protection from glare when the sun is low. All valances are easy to remove so they can be stored in a safe place during the winter.


The Volant Plus valance protects your privacy from nosy looks and your eyes from the low sun. It is housed in a small additional cassette on the front rail, a maximum of 210 cm long, can be raised and lowered by motor, and it has a weighted bar for tension.

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Maximum Awning Size

The maximum size of a unit (i.e. awning, patio roof, conservatory) is calculated using the dimensions of width times projection. By projection of awnings, we mean the depth, i.e. the distance the awning can be opened.


Motor drive as standard (Crank operation is also available) Motor drive as standard Weinor fits an electric drive as standard. Most of these drives are electric motors which are fitted out of sight inside the fabric roller. Your awning opens and retracts at the touch of a button. An even easier way to operate it is to use a WeiTronic Remoto remote control.

Wei Tronic Agido-868

Includes Agido-868-Sensor (when equipped with WeiTronic remote control). This assures extra safety, as the awning is retracted during heavy vibration.

The WeiTronic Agido-868 recognises vibrations and other forms of movement in the sensor component and further protects the Opal Design Lux folding arm awning with WeiTronic remote control. When connected to a smart calibration remote control device, the awning will be retracted as soon as the intensity of a motion exceeds a preset.


Projection greater than width for deep narrow balconies The projection of the MiniMax is greater than its width. It is the first choice, especially for narrow deep patios or balconies. The MiniMax is an option for several awning models. Thanks to the crossover arms which are attached at different heights, the Cap, for example, can have a projection of max. 3,5 m while only 2.1 m wide!

Topas Awning

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