Semi-Cassette Awnings

When a semi-cassette awning is brought to a close, the front rail and the awning top blend in together harmoniously as they close together. There is still an open gap at the bottom, hence the name 'semi-cassette'. Overall they provide a good level of protection from the elements alongside good looking compact aesthetics.

The Luxury Awning Company, Crocodilla, have been fantastic. Exactly what we wanted, expertly installed. Mr & Mrs Wren


The Cap Semi-Cassette Awning from Weinor. Unmistakable design and modern technology make the Cap the awning for people who want to stay one step ahead with their fashion statement.

  • 600 cm Width (Single Section)
  • 350cm Projection
  • Optional Extra WeiTronic remote control


The Weinor Semina compact semi-cassette awning gives up to 21 sq. m. shade. With a maximum width of 7 m and a projection of up to 3.5 m, it is ideal for a variety of patio sizes.

  • 20.4 x 20.4 cm When Closed
  • 700cm Width (Single Section)
  • 350cm Projection