The Window Awning Range
from Weinor

Weinor has a large range of window awning solutions for a wide variety of applications. Whether you want to provide shade for vertical or angled, large or small windows and glass surfaces, Weinor has exactly the right model for your needs.

The Window Awnings are beautiful, thank you for your advice and the superb service..... Mr & Mrs Smallwood


Weinor's elegant, vertical sight and sun protection for your patio or your windows is the VertiTex window awning.

Aruba Vertical

Weinor's practical window awning whose fabric moves vertically is called the Aruba Vertical

Aruba Droparm

Weinor's window awning that can be angled to enable a clear view out is the Aruba Droparm

Aruba Marquisolette

Weinor's window awning which opens partly vertically but part of which can be opened at an angle is called the Aruba Marquisolette.